Ecology Air Compressor?

Is there such a thing as an ecological air compressor? Some time ago a vendor wrote in to provide information about their ecology air compressor package. Here is the info they provided, offered without comment or review.

The Ecology Package system; energy efficiency, high quality compressed air, cleaner condensate, cleaner compressor lubricant, most environmentally friendly, lowest maintenance cost and lowest price.

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy by considering the Ecology Package system.

When a local factory got a deal on an oversized oil free compressor I obtained a log from their engineer showing the number of hours that air compressor had operated over the preceding four years. That company spend $44,000 on energy. Had they installed an Ecology Package system for that same application, their energy costs for the same period would have been just over $21,000.

Among other innovations, an Ecology Package system contains the following:

  • 95% motor power factor
  • a PreCooler that meets CAGI standards
  • fluid pump
  • direct drive
  • #1 rated synthetic fluid
  • dual filtration of synthetic fluid
  • triple filtration of compressed air
  • ReHeater?
  • expansion and contraction by design
  • a receiver that stays dry inside
  • crystal clear water as a condensate

In August 2002 an associate and I built and installed an Ecology Package system for a local plating company. The system provides clean, dry, oil free air and breathing quality compressed air; economically and reliably.

I know that once a company has a compressor installed, that's not the time to be looking at better air compressor alternatives.

If your company is in the business of building compressors, please contact me about some of the benefits of considering the Ecology Package ? system.

If you are a company seeking an industrial air compressor solution, a solution that keeps technology and business here at home, I invite you to contact me about the Ecology Package system solution for your compressed air.

The Ecology Package is built to solve all of the problems that plague air compressor Manufacturer's (and users) worldwide. As long as the air compressor industry does not use the components that they need to conserve energy, the Ecology Package will have a monopoly on the only energy-efficient compressed air, condensate and lubrication purification system in the world that is environmentally friendly.

I can be reached via email at: [email protected]

Ken Stofen