Dusting Computer Compponents
         With Compressed Air

Can you use compressed air from your home compressor in dusting computer components?. A visitor asks... "I'm a computer technician and I'm tired of buying cans of compressed air for dusting computer components. Not only is it costly but it's also unfriendly to the environment.

Of course since I'll be cleaning electronics and computers what I use will have to be oil and dust free.

I've read a lot of information here on your site but I can't figure out the best system. And I'm unfamiliar with the parts and accessories to begin with.

I need something that's small and portable. I would prefer something that isn't very noisy. If I understand correctly it would have to have a regulator on it? And I assume I'd need some type of nozzle with a trigger on it to control the spray, but as I said I have no clue as to what to get. I've looked at airbrush compressors and they look like they might be a good solution. But I'm concerned that they may not be able to put out a constant spray at enough pressure. I've seen that there are also tanks that hold air, could they be used too?

can of blow off compressed air - dusting computer components

Cans of compressed air work okay at first but as they start to freeze up the air pressure drops far too much to be useful. Plus the fact that I have to hold the can upright is a pain because it makes it difficult to clean in hard to reach places.

I've also looked at systems where CO2 tanks can be used, but I'd prefer something safe that I could refill myself easily.

Any suggestions as to what, tanks, knobs, regulators, filters, bell, and whistles I'd need?

It'd be great to have a well working portable system I could confidently use to clean computers without much concern for damaging any equipment. I'd enjoy saying bye-bye to cans of compressed air!"

Bill's suggestion A Portable Compressor.

I agree that a typical "air brush" type compressor may not have sufficient air flow for your application.

You can purchase quite a variety of low cost, 1 - 2 HP, general purpose120 Volt AC powered air compressors able to provide sufficient compressed air for on-site compressor cleaning.

One I found that can be purchased on line and that would do the job is, at present, selling for $164.00 and includes most of what you will require in fittings in the included kit.

Enough Air For Dusting Computer Components?

Most compressors with 2-3 gallon tank size, and 1-2 HP 120 Volt motor size will provide ample compressed air for intermittent dust blow off .


All of these types of low cost air compressors will come complete with a discharge regulator installed which you will use to "dial down" the air pressure exiting your blow gun to the 15 PSI range, or whatever pressure you felt was necessary to dust the compressor parts satisfactorily.

With the regulator you will be able to adjust the pressure lower or higher, depending on the debris you are blowing, but I would suggest no more than 15 PSI pressure to start, and then adjust to suit.

Oil Free

Make sure that the compressor you purchase is an oil-free style.

An oil-free compressor means that the compressor will not use oil to lubricate itself, and this helps eliminate transient oil from getting from the compressor head into the airstream and onto your compressor components.

The absence of lubricating oil in the compressor means that you should not have to add compressed air oil-removal equipment to your system.

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