by Kons

Hi there,

Is it possible to connect two small air compressors?


Plumbing compressors

Plumbing dual compressors


I’d like both to be operated by one pressure switch with separated discharges on the same tank accompanied by 2 check valves sharing the same relief line of the pressure switch?



Connect two small air compressors
by: Bill

Anything’s possible, I guess.

If both pressure switches “saw” the same tank pressure, if they both had the same cut in and cut out, they may cycle OK.

Not understanding why you would want two discharges? Why not one, to a manifold, into which you could plug as many couplers as your manifold had spaces?

“accompanied by 2 check valves”, not between pump and tank, as then the pressure switches might not get a pressure reading from the tank.

Seems like an odd request. More details about why you need to do this might help.


Dual compressors
by: Doug in

Sounds like you just want to share the air between two workers, but one compressor isn’t quite big enough for either worker.

Keep it simple. Just tie the two tank outputs together, and run that to a manifold with two outputs.

No need for check valves or any of that.

If they both try to start at the same time and that’s too much for your power supply, just adjust the cut-in on one of them a pound or two lower than the other, and they’ll power up in sequence.

If you want to even out the wear on them, then reverse the cut-in settings every so often.

If that’s not what you want, what Bill said…


by: kons

Hi again

i think my English are not the best, neither my pneumatic skills. I think my drawing might help on what i try to mean!

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Dual air compressor
by: Doug in

As mentioned before, I think we understand what you wish to do, and what you propose in your drawing would work, but based on what we know, it is not necessary, and overly complicated.

The question remains, why do all that? Are you trying to save money on the pressure switch?

Please give us an idea of what you are starting with. For example, a couple of bare compressor pumps with no tank or controls? Or a couple of complete stand-alone compressors? Or is that to be determined?


Dual air compressor setup
by: Kons

I only have x 2 small compressors so far (piston-150watt each,used) and intended to be used on a
50ltr air tank (which I haven’t bought yet,with all the additional components required).

I was told that one alone is too small for the desired capacity.

No ,I don’t try to save money on a secondary pressure switch, I just thought making them start/stop simultaneously, as one, because of the low HP output.

I used to work on sheet metal fabrication and finally decided to make a sheet metal enclosed air compressor-vertical box to add to my home workshop.


Multiple compressors
by: Doug in

OK, I thought that might be the case.

Go here:

then look at the reviews – scroll down to the one with three compressors. Check out the photo.

That’s how to do it. The manifold on the floor at right is an off the shelf thing, but you can use whatever you want, and the combined output on the single hose can be used directly, or eliminate the hose and connect it directly on your proposed tank.

You may or may not need separate power connections as the author has done. You really don’t want two or more compressors coming on at the same time as that will tend to strain the electric service.

The only caveat is that the regulators should either be removed or left wide open. If you don’t follow that, then the regulator with the lowest setting will bleed off air to get to its setting.

The scheme applies to as few as two up to however many compressors you need. You don’t need extra check valves as they are self contained on the compressors.

Feel free to ask if I left anything out.


Dual Air compressors
by: kons

Hi there,

I saw your link and it did helped, as also generated a new approach.

Thanks all for your answers and guidance!


Dual air compressor
by: Doug in

Kons –

Cool. Thanks for the update.

Send pix when you get your setup going, please.(!)

Have fun.



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