Dip stick pops out

by ken trenholm
(ocala florida)

The dip stick pop's out when the compressor comes on. I see that there are no threads on the engine block, I assume this press fit? Can I just replace the 0-rings on the dip stick? Where can we order parts for the compressor 47065.

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Aug 31, 2015
Compressor vent plug
by: Bill

If your air compressor is building pressure normally, that means at the same speed as it did before, then you may only have minimal piston seal blowby.

That being the case, I'd check to see if the oil fill dipstick and cap have a blocked vent hole.

Aug 31, 2015
Mine is shooting the plug too
by: RRose

This is exactly what mine is doing. The crankcase is pressurized and shooting the dip stick plug out. The compressor still seems to work fine - it builds enough pressure to shut off at about 115psi

Jun 28, 2015
Dip stick
by: Bill

Ken, I'm wondering how your compressors piston seals are?

One symptom of an oil dip stick popping out is that the sump is being pressurized as the compressor cycles, and builds up enough pressure in the sump to blow the dip stick out.

Start the compressor, let it run, and then carefully pull the dipstick and feel if air is coming out the oil fill tube, will you? That will give you a good indication as whether or not the piston seals are badly worn.

Post a comment here will your findings, if you would.


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