dewalt/emglo stack wont build pressure

by steve lindsay
(goode va)

Dewalt Emglo air compressor

Dewalt Emglo air compressor

its dewalt/emglo stack .took it to repair shop 2months ago,paid 60.00 ticket stated theycleaned and repaired check valve any way runs fine,will only build to 60 lbs of pressure ,i turn it off afterseeing it wont go higher,which it was doing before i took it in

Hi Steve... I'd have removed, cleaned and repaired the check valve if the air compressor was leaking air from the unloader.

If the check valve had failed closed, the back pressure build up would likely have stalled or bogged down the compressor motor. You say yours runs fine.

So, find the air intake and feel if it is pulling air in. Removing any intake filter, if it results in the pressure building to cut out, would indicate that it was the intake filter that was plugged. Probably not in your case, but worth checking.

Pop on over to the sitemap page, under troubleshooting, and follow the link to the page about why air compressors run but don't build pressure.

After reading that page, post a comment here if you have more questions, OK?

Oh, and it's NO CHARGE for my advice.



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