DeWalt DW55146 runs but no air pressure at all

by Rob Witt Sr.
(Bloomington, Illinois)

DeWalt DW55146 compressor will not build any air pressure at all. When you shut it off it runs on a few seconds instead of coming to a stop immediately like it used to. Just used it 2 days ago and it was fine. No tank pressure, no head pressure, but is pulling air thru intake very well.

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Apr 12, 2016
DeWalt D55146 Repaired!
by: Rob Witt

installed the repair kit air compressor built 200 PSI in about 5 minutes! it even sounds better running than it did. Hopefully this helps others repair their compressor as well. If you pull the head off and you can rattle the piston in the bore you will need to buy the repair kit. Check eBay, I found one for less than half of what it costs from DeWalt.
Good luck!

Apr 04, 2016
DeWalt compressor and real men
by: Bill

Goodness Rob, I guess that means I'm a "real man" after all! :-)

Thanks for taking the time to update us. It will help others, I'm sure.

Apr 04, 2016
DeWalt compressor no head pressure
by: Rob Witt Sr

Removed head, found the compression seal(or compression ring)was pretty much worn down to nothing.

Researching it told me 2 things;
A: The same head is used on DeWalt,Craftsman,Bostitch, Makita, and about a half dozen other private label brands. Probably a Chinese designed unit- go figure?

B: Anyway, I searched eBay and found out that this unit has a 1 7/8" bore. You cannot find just the ring, you have to buy the kit with the ring, cylinder sleeve, and 2 seals that I don't know what they fit. I got lucky(?)and found a kit for about $21 free shipping.

I question my luck because the other 2 compression ring sizes are available as the ring only and are about $9 free shipping. I don't need the cylinder sleeve but I have to buy it anyway to get the ring.


Sorry but some people (real men) don't need instructions, so they won't read them and will think it's a good idea to put some kind of slickum on the assembly to protect it on startup, even though the instructions say not to.

I will follow up on this repair as soon as the kit arrives.

Apr 04, 2016
by: Doug in

And I bet if it had an oil sump, it'd be blowing it all over...but I digress.

Almost certainly the piston O-ring blew.

Or maybe some valves.

Either way, you need to pull the head to see whatever it is.

Good luck.

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