I have a Dewalt DD55141 Compressor that is supposed to stop pumping at 150psi.

by Daniel

It worked fine for about a year, until the warranty expired, then it started acting up. When the compressor hits 150psi, it keeps pumping, subsequently blowing the relief valve, and filling the tank again, over and over and over again. I looked for an adjustment screw, thinking it may have vibrated loose, but have yet to find one. Am I missing something? Thanks for an help!

DeWalt 55141 air compressor

DeWalt 55141 air compressor

Your air compressor symptoms suggest a pressure switch failure.

The pressure switch should toggle the power supply to the air compressor motor to OFF when the pressure in the tank reaches the normal cut out pressure.

I wouldn’t use this compressor again until I replaced the pressure switch.

DeWalt air compressor won’t build pressure

i have a dewalt compressor model # d55146. the motor runs good but does not build pressure. Whats up? jerry

Jerry, sorry you are having the problem with your compressor.

On these pages I posted a bunch of things that you could check to make diagnosis a lot easier for you, and my input, perhaps, more useful.

I have no idea what you checked after reading the page.

Could you maybe post a comment here to say what you have already checked, and more details about the state of the compressor when the pressure stops building, so I could help you zero in on the cause?

Dewalt compressor wont stay running.

by Jim

Dewalt 4 gallon compressor wont stay running.

Theres no particular psi it stops at. It tries to restart after a moment or two but only turns the piston over once then keeps trying every few moments. Its definitely getting plenty of power.

Thanks, Jim

Jim, unplug the compressor and drain the air. Close the drain.

Pull the cover off the pressure switch (careful, live wires inside) and then start the compressor.

See how the switch reacts when the pressure gets to the normal cut out level or when the compressor just stops and tries to restart.

If is is the switch that is turning the power to the motor on and off, then I suspect it is the switch that is failing.


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