DeWalt compressor has a dead spot in the motor

by Shannon
(New York)

I have a DeWalt (not sure how many) Gallon electric standing air compressor that has a dead spot that if it so happens to stop in this spot it will not do a thing. If it stops in any other spot it will start right up and work like a charm. I was told by the previous owners wife that there is a trick to get it out of the dead spot so it will start up but since I didn't get this information and can't find it anywhere is there a way to move the motor in the beast of an air compressor. Oh and by the way, I'm not mechanically inclined in any way so please make it a "how to for dummies" if you know how to help.

The photo is what it is most like (the one i have is older)

Thank you!

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Jun 21, 2018
DeWalt compressor motor dead spot
by: Doug in

There are several versions of this. But at least on the D55168 Type 1, it looks like there's an opening in the bottom rear of the lower cover.

If you have such an opening, you may be able to see a wheel with a rubber belt around it. That belt connects to the motor, and has the piston and rod connected as well.

So, *with the power turned off*, you can try moving that wheel a bit with a finger or maybe a screwdriver. Just budge it - it won't take much.

Now plug it in/turn it on, see if it works. If not, try again with a little more or less movement.

Let us know, please.

Good luck.

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