Dewalt air compressor won't start

by Abel
(Charlotte, NC)

Bill, Troubleshooting did not help me.

Bill, I have a Dewalt air compressor that it was not used for over a year.I tried to use it but it won't start when I turn it on. I can hear a noise like a fly passing near your ears but after 10 or 15 sec, I hear a "click". After that, if I try to turn it on again, I can hear anything at all. There is not pressure on the tank at all. Can you give me an idea what it could be?

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Apr 06, 2015
Dewalt air compressor will not start
by: Bill

I suspect the buzzing or humming you are hearing is your motor trying to start.

After 10-15 seconds, since it isn't starting, it's overheating, and going off on thermal overload.

With the compressor unplugged, and the tank empty, remove the cover and see if you can rotate the motor shaft, or pump sheave, by hand.

If so, do this a few times, and then - with your fingers far away from the motor shaft, belt or pump crank - power on the compressor again. If it starts, it may be only that the motor had taken a set where it couldn't get going and that may have resolved the issue for now.

Or, it might be that the start capacitor is cooked. See the troubleshooting page on testing capacitors for help there.


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