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There have been many folks that wish to inquire about why their DeWalt electric compressor will not start or turn on and other questions along those same lines. Some of the issues raised and the suggestions made to resolve those issues follow.

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Dewalt upright electric compressor will not turn on.

I have a 1.5-year-old stand-up Dewalt compressor that will not turn on. It worked two weeks ago, and now nothing happens. You move the switch from Off to Auto and get nothing. No noise, no nothing. The tank is empty, not full so that is not the problem. It is plugged into a good outlet, that is not the problem. It is oil-less, that is not the problem. Any ideas? I spent $250 on a compressor for home use, I would expect it to last me many, many years. Thank you, by JC from Lakewood, CO.

JC, I suggest you obtain a multi-meter and use it to check and see if power is flowing through the on/off switch when you turn it on.

If power is getting through the switch to the motor circuit, trace the motor circuit (possibly remove the end cap on the motor to see the wiring) and make sure power is getting into the wires and reaching the motor itself.

That being OK, the start capacitor is suspect. There’s a page on this site linked from the troubleshooting page as to how to do that.  See that page for how, if you are not sure.

Another DeWalt air compressor doesn’t want to start

DeWalt air compressor doesn’t want to turn on, this is from Justin of El Paso.

DeWalt air compressor

Whoa. Tough one to answer Justin, since you don’t provide me a whole lot of info, so it’s hard to figure out why your DeWalt compressor won’t start. Knowing the make and model would sure help.

Please visit the air compressor troubleshooting page here to find out why air compressors won’t start. There is a bunch of info there about things you can check on your DeWalt compressor.

After checking that out, f you are still having problems with your DeWalt air compressor a please add a comment below.

Dewalt oil-less d55140 won’t start

The power supply is good, the tank is empty, no humming, no thermal reset button visible, nothing happens. Just stopped working one day, this was added by Gabriel of Richmond.

Gabriel, you say power is good. Can you provide a bit more info on that? For example, did you use a multi-meter to check where power is flowing to?

With the compressor tank empty, power should flow from the socket, to and through and ON/OFF switch, to and through the pressure switch, to the motor circuit. At the motor power should be flowing from the supply side of the motor circuit right to the motor. Is it?

If power is getting that far, test your capacitor to see if it’s shorted out. See that page on this site.

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