Dewalt D55146 does not start

by dan tiernan
(litchfield, nh )

i went to use my dewalt today and it would not start. I have had it for at lease eight years.

After further investigation, I notice grass and debris in the motor area.

I took the motor / compressor off the frame. then I took off the motor / compressor housing and found a significant amount of grass and debris in the area.

DeWalt 55146 air compressor

DeWalt 55146 air compressor

I removed then observed a severed wire attached to carbon brush.

I proceeded to solder the severed wired, but still had a problem. Then I measured the ac voltage on the switch off 0 on 115. then measured to input of motor off 0 on 115. but still motor does not start. any ideas?


D55146 no start
by: Doug in

Could easily be a brush problem. Did you actually check them?

If the rotor is exposed, there could be junk in there preventing contact with the armature, or they may just be shot.

DeWalt oil-less d55146 won’t start

by Mike Sessoms

DeWalt oil-less d55146 won’t start.

Turned it on one night and just heard a click. No start. Ran very well a couple of week ago. Only use at home for flat lawn mower tire/low pressure on my truck. Wanted to start using air tools to work on my car.

Can you help.

Thanks ,



No start
by: Doug in

Sounds like maybe a breaker (probably on the motor) popped.

See the section here on why compressors won’t start and come back if you still have questions.


Capacitor or motor contacts-click sounds like capacitor
by: Anonymous

But double check belt is on anyway

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