Dewalt 55154 Type 1 twin tank portable air compressor

Question: Dewalt Air Comp D55154 Type 1


Hello, your response was directly on point and 100% correct! When I removed the oil reservoir and opened the case I immediatly spotted a broken connecting rod.

I have since removed the piston and broken rod.

My questions: the crank shaft has a whiteish material (melted alum), does it require "dressing" with steel wool or cleanup?

Is there some sort of teflon washer or slip on bearing that comes with the new rod?

Is there an easy way to reinstall the rod and piston (use of water hose clamp) ?

Do you know the tool stud (allen wrench size) that fits to remove the two bolts that hold the cylinder to the casing?

Thank You so much for your expertise and kindness in helping me (babysitting me) with this project! Werner (wmoore)

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