Dewalt 55146 fully pressurized but no air comes out

by Lloyd Charlier
(Youngsville, LA)

Dewalt 55146

Dewalt 55146

Went to use my Dewalt compressor the other day - turned it on, pressurized the tank and all looked good (both gauges indicated a fully charged tank). When I went to actually use it however to fill some tires, nothing - there appeared to be no air in the lines. Suspecting a bad tire pressure attachment, I replaced with another attachment - same result. Trying to eliminate the hose as the culprit, I then plugged numerous different attachments directly into the front panel of the compressor - still no air! When I released the drain valve on the tank however, it became immediately obvious that the tank was indeed fully pressurized - WHOOSH! How can the tank be fully pressurized but no air comes out of either front panel coupling?

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May 30, 2015
Dewalt 55146
by: Bill

Lloyd, I didn't find a Dewalt 56146 but I did find a 55146, so I hope that's the compressor you have?

If not, I apologize as I've uploaded the wrong image.

In any case, if you visit the troubleshooting section, and follow the link to the page about "no air out of hose" I expect you'll find the answer there.

If the couplers into which you inserted your connectors had air flowing out of them before, and they don't now, then the item that's between the air in the tank and the coupler is the regulator, and I suspect yours may be what's blocking the air flow.


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