DeWalt 55146 Air Compressor

I suspect that the DeWalt 55146 Air Compressor line is imported by DeWalt. Having said that, I know there are varying degrees of quality of products that are manufactured for the North American market in Asia. I believe that the DeWalt 55146 is a higher quality, low end, air compressor, than many others found in big box stores across America.


Well for one thing, it's rated for 200 PSI. Many other low end compressors have a supply pressure rating of 135-150 PSI and some are even lower. And, if the 55146 actually delivers the 5 CFM at 90 PSI that it claims it can, that's large, usable air flow in a very small compressor package.

Dewalt-55146-air compressor

It's my opinion that the wheels (foam filled and flat free) on the 55146 are more robust than those on many other air compressors.

I like the collapsible handle.

I like that it's lubed-for-life from the factory and I wouldn't have to mess with oil fill and maintenance.

That the 55146 is reasonably quiet as compared to other compressors (though it is not silent, for sure) is a plus, though it is designed for outside use where compressor noise is a bit less critical.

DeWalt suggests that a 50 foot 12 gauge power line can feed it without the motor overheating, yet if it were my DeWalt, I'd add an extra air line for distant air use instead of an extension cord, thus keeping the electrical power supply to my 55146 as short as possible, for greater compressor motor efficiency.

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If you can respond to any of the other visitor's postings with helpful 55146 suggestions - as a comment - that would sure be a help to all.

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