Devilbiss won't start, but...

by Jase Murphy
(Crosby, TX)

..but that's not the real reason for my post. Please read it all.

6hp, 33 gallon DeVilbiss motor will turn once or twice - slowly - then stop and the motor just hums. If the switch is not immediately turned off the 20A breaker just pops. The motor shaft turns easily by hand and it will not start even if the supply line is disconnected from the pump head so I'm certain it's not the valve. I'm pretty sure it's the start capacitor. However, that's not the real reason for my post here.

I came across your site while researching my problem and you helped in the diagnosis but I wanted you to be aware that the contact number that you have on your home page for DeVilbiss is now being answered by Porter Cable.

Evidently there was a recall notice issued for my compressor. I called Sears (the number listed on the recall notice) and went round and round the customer service tree.

They say that there is no recall for my model and serial number. Consumer Product Safety Commission, however, says there is a recall. CPSC gave me a number that was for DeWalt. Dewalt gave me the same number you have which is now a porter cable number. Porter Cable, of course, has no knowledge of DeVilbiss or their compressors. The only other numbers I can find are for Devilbiss Medical Equipment and DeVilbiss Automotive paint products who, when you call, says they have nothing to do with DeVilbiss air compressors.

"Frustrating," doesn't really capture my mood.

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Apr 30, 2018
Devilbiss hums
by: ICS

Check the compositors on the motor. There should be 2 on it. Start compositor and run compositor. You can get the numbers off it mainly voltage and microferrits. Any motor shop can get them for you.

(When you say compositor... do you perhaps mean capacitor? - Moderator)

Apr 28, 2018
DevilBill recall?
by: Doug in

Maybe give your model and serial?

I'd like to confirm.

Apr 28, 2018
DeVillbiss compressor run around...
by: Bill

Jase, thanks so much for letting me know that info on the page is wrong. I am correcting it even as we speak.

It would seem as though Devap has been amalgamated, and I see too that the URL for them is no longer valid.

I appreciate the info. Good luck, and...

"are we having fun yet????" :-)


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