DeVilbiss 330 centrifugal pressure release valve cracking open

by Peter
(Sonoma California)

centrifugal pressure release valve releasing pressure not allowing full pressure build up

DeVilbiss 330 it has been running great for over 20 years recently the centrifugal release valve has been letting air out in spurts and not allowing compressor to build up to full pressure the compressor seams to bog down. Also hear knocking noise from CRV is there a replacement or fix for this?

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Jul 14, 2017
Willing to help Devilbiss 330
by: Bill

Hi John.

Just FYI, the originator of the question was Peter, from Sonoma, CA. Doug is trying to help too.

If you contact me via the contact page, I'll send you an email address to forward the PDF to, and I'll upload it here for all to have.



Jul 13, 2017
Willing To Help
by: John Besaw

Doug: I have a DeVilbiss 330-522-5 Air Compressor equipped with a centrifugal pressure release assembly. After having used this compressor for over 35 years, I am trying to figure out how the centrifugal release system works and how it is supposed to be plumbed in correctly. Nonetheless, it still is a good functioning compressor.

Have you removed and disassembled your CPR?

Send me your e-mail address and I'll see of I can help you. I found a parts diagram pdf file on line which matches my air compressor.

Send me an e-mail: (In order for all to benefit from the discussion, please post questions and answers here. When they are replied to, all can then benefit. Thanks. - Moderator)

Mar 12, 2017
330 parts
by: Doug in

As mentioned, the only parts available for this are valve kits, minus the valves.

Sounds like your PRV is broken internally.

You'll probably find a broken spring or something if you take it apart - and you'll have to improvise any fix.

Sorry, but good luck.

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