Devair Pump RPM

by Simon
(Brooklyn, NY)

5 HP Devair air compressor

5 HP Devair air compressor

Hey Bill

I have a question about my pump RPM - I got a beautiful 80 gallon 5 HP Devair very lightly used on Ebay.

It's a nice piece of kit, works like a champ. My question is, if I get a smaller pulley for the motor to drive the pump a little quicker will I notice a significant increase in CFM? Or do I have to shell out for a 7.5 HP motor and the extra oomph? The current RPM is only 635 by the way and this pump maxes out at 900.
Simon, we are moving into the realm of compressor engineering, and believe me, that isn't my strongest suit.

Yet, if the motor can stand it, then a smaller sheave on the pump drive should increase the output, as long as the final RPM is within the compressor pump standards.

A sheave is cheap! I would not want to buy a heavier motor if not needed.

I have no way of knowing by how much the output would increase. Sorry.



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