Devair model 247 not wanting to start

Hi Bill, Im working on a Devair model 247 with a Daton 6k854BA 230 volt motor and I have problems with it not wanting to start. Its a customers compressor and Ive arrived there twice with the same issue, will run for a week or so then do it..

What is happening is when I get there the compressor is off, no breakers tripped nothing wrong just off. I flip the power to the compressor off then on and it tries to run then doesnt and just sits there. I cycle the power a few more times, each time in kinda tries to start, then finally it starts and works great un till about a week later.

Does this sound like a starter problem of something else?
If by starter you mean the motor start capacitor, yeah, I'd check that next.

What else is on the same circuit to the compressor at the customer's shop too? Worthwhile checking.


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