Curtis compressor Unloader valve

by Jeff

I have a old Curtis compressor and the rod that actuates the manual unloader valve has broken. Can I disconnect the unloader valve and try to use it,or is this a terminal problem? How about a retro fit electric loader valve? Thanks for being here!


Jeff, I assure you that if you did not need an unloader valve for your air compressor to work properly, it would not be there. So, no, I don't think your air compressor will work properly without one.

I am not familiar with your specific unloader valve, but most of them are operated by a toggle coming out of the side of the pressure switch. If yours is like that, and you have a bit of mechanical ability, you might sub a different one to work for you.

Hard for me to be certain as I can't see what your setup right now is.



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Jun 24, 2011
unloader valve
by: dirtycurt

does anyone have a pic of the unloader valve connecting rod on a 1924 curtis compressor mine is restoring it and just need a pic or any info would be of great help

May 25, 2011
Unloader valve
by: Jeff

Thanks for the reply Bill. My valve works off the compressor crankshaft,it has a cam shape that opens the valve manually and its hooked to 2 football shaped weights on the pulley which are spring loaded.
I guess what im asking is will this thing blow up if I turn the switch on??

Jeff, if it is an unloader valve, in the sense that it dumps the air over the pistons when the compressor stops - to aid in restart - then no, it won't blow up, it may not start, however.

If this is a pressure relief valve, the purpose of which it to ensure that the components are protected from over-pressurization, and the pressure within your system exceeds that setting because the PRV does not operate, then you do run a risk.

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