Curtis Air Compressors

Curtis air compressors are manufactured by the FS Curtis company, building compressed air related products since 1854. Their product line is aimed at the industrial market.

Curtis air compressors products include reciprocating air compressors, rotary screw compressors, specialty refrigerant air compressors, and vacuum pumps. They also supply a variety of air preparation equipment and other ancillary products.

Curtis air compressors are available throughout North America, in all of South America, and they also supply to the compressed air industry in India.

In North America Curtis air compressors are sold and serviced via select industrial distributors nationwide. The Curtis website offers a page to quickly find your local distribution by zip code.

Curtis air compressors

In North America, Curtis air compressors can be reached here:

1905 Kienlen Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63133
Toll Free: 800-925-5431
T: 314-383-1300

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Separator for Curtis FAC21BC 
Am looking for a part number for the separator for a CURTIS FAC21BC

Curtis compressor not coming on when pressure drops 
Push button starts use air doesn't restart on its on have to manually make come on.

New life for Curtis pneumatic machinery compressor?  
Curtis pneumatic machinery 220v electric compressor s.n c90l1-2585. It sat in my uncles back yard for 15+ years in the weeds and weather until recently. …

Curtis d97a motor starts, then stops and circuit breaker blows  
This compressor has a 10hp three phase motor with a magnetic starter. The motor tries to start but does not get up to speed. Then it stops and there …

1942 curtis model 95  
I just got a 1942 curtis model 95 . i have the whole serial number if you need it. i did not recieve a motor with it. it has a 3 belt flywheel . i …

E57 magnetic start capacitor wiring 
Two capacitors and wiring shot, have capacitors, need wiring diagram.

What oil for a Curtis 3SG5A model E-23  
I picked up a 30 gal Curtis Challeng Air compressor model E-23. Also says 3SG5A. I would like to know what oil to use in it. Thank you!

Curtis compressor stops building pressure? 
Stops building pressure around 45psi- 50psi. Ideas?

74 in screen on FS Curtis B15? 
I have a fs Curtis air compressor b15 and in the screen appears 74 high current, meaning high ventilation flow, how would I fix this problem?

Delco Motor and Curtis Pneumatic Machinery tank-  
This air compressor has a tank made by Curtis Pneumatic Machine Company. Tank 16 x 36 150 pound working pressure, St. Louis USA G76 Delco Motor model …

D96 A has a knocking noise...  
Compressor has a nocking noise, but not rods or crank. I tore it down, the connecting rods, crank bearings and ristpins check good. I believe it's in …

Need to know Curtis D96A min/max rpm are. 
This is a new installation of a used unit. I have a new 5hp 3455 rpm motor w/ 5/8 shaft. Need to know Curtis D96A min/max rpm are. Can you help me?

1921 Curtis St. Louis compressor. Still works good. For sell 
We are trying to sell this 1921 Curtis St. Louis It does work. You can send us email at or call 903-893-5949

Direction of rotation on E-57 compressor. 
I have a E-57 compressor. Serial no AS2061433. Does it make a difference what direction the compressor turns. How do can you tell with directions it turns? …

Want to refurbish Curtis compressor serial # 87-9746. 
Hello I have this: Curtis 30 gal tank, 2 5/8 x 2 5/8 bore/stroke. 1 HP, dual voltage century electric motor. Has a serial # 87-9746. It still works. It …

Curtis Compressor - CFM? 
Curtis Compressor Size 3 x 17/8 x 3 8878-6388 Min comp speed 300 R.P.M. St Louis, MO 60 gallon tank Runs very slow but great. Just doesn't want …

Hsb nat'l bd & mfr asme 430431 
Need to know what voltage this air compressor is. 110v motor runs slow. 125psi tank.

Curtis Air Compressor parts 
Looking for info on this one. It looks heavy duty, but an older model curtis. Curtis appears to still make them in newer versions. …

I need the model number this Curtis compressor and it's original cost  
My compressor was stolen and I need to get the model and replacement cost for the insurance company. All my paperwork was destroyed in a fire. Can anyone …

Help identify this Curtis compressor 
Hope you can help me identify the model and serial number of this Curtis compressor pump.

What is the CFM of a FS Curtis CT Series E-5 V-4 Air Compressor? 
I am rebuilding an old 60 gallon vertical air compressor and would like to have better than 14 CFM at 90 psi. Will an FS Curtis CT Series E-5 V-4 Air Compressor …

Identifying Curtis air compressor and $$ worth 
Identifying air compressor and $$ worth. Has a plate, Curtis Manufacturing, Size 7 1/2 & 4 3/16, Two Stage Compr, Serial No C98, min speed 400 RPM - another …

Blows Seal out around crankshaft 
I purchased this compressor used so I have no past history about it, the concern I am having is after the compressor runs for a short time it will blow …

Need to sell this Curtis compressor 
I have a Curtis air compressor model #9569-18599. It works fine just don't use it any more and it takes up a great deal of space. Any idea how I can …

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trying to find flow ratings for older curtis compressor 
We have a 2 hp curtis portable vtwin air compressor. I am looking for the flow ratings. How many CFM @ 90 PSI. Thank you for your help Tim Pennell

Identify and setup older Curtis 3Ph 
No markings on the Pump but the Tank is marked CURTIS and has a Westinghouse motor. Built 1974. 3-Phase/ 5HP . Trying to identify and setup older …

How to get the Curtis compressor up to speed 
Have a Curtis that was in the shop on the property we bought. Motor was on the ground apart but I have it back together and running well. What do I need …

Curtis compressor owner manual 
where to find one sr# c968735476?

1940 curtis 
I have a 1940 Curtis 2stage 65gal mod 9068-1132 6 it is an up right tank. It works grate was made in St louse mo .230v 1pas would like a brake down on …

Rebuild kit for curtis c96 
have an old curtis c96 model need to rebuild kit

Information about a Curtis compressor model# vp304 
Curtis Pneumatic Machinery Division, Model# vp304. 16"x30" 30gal tank. Compressor Serial# 3008(A) 16822, has a 2 5/8" bore. It has an unloader attached …

More info on Curtis Compressor with Century 1hp  
I was given this compressor and wanted to know what exactly it is. I hasn't been used since the 70's, I does turn and has compression the Century motor …

Model Numbers for my Curtis Air Compressor 
Bought this at an estate sale recently. By the tag mounted on the tank, it's made by the Curtis MFG. CO., St. Louis. I took a rubbing, because a photo …

Looking for a manual and rebuild kit for Curtis Model 95 
It's a Curtis Model 95, built in 1942. The Curtis folks were unable to help and had no leads, nor did the Ebay sellers who marked some Curtis rebuild …

Curtis C96 overloads when the pressure reached  
I have a Curtis C96 Compressor on an 80 gal tank. It had a 5HP 3 Phase motor which was removed when I got it. I installed a new 5 HP Single Phase motor …

Curtis C9689-41779 Rebuild or Service Manual 
Bill, I inherited a C96 Curtis compressor in somewhat disassembly. I have a very good mechanic's ability but would appreciate a manual for this compressor. …

antique curtis compressor /general electric 1.50 hp motor/ installed on a 80 gal. tank 
The Curtis Compressor / General Electric Motor by Jerry Glenn (Altoona, Iowa) A friend of mine moved and gave me an old curtis air compressor and …

Curtis compressor Unloader valve 
I have a old Curtis compressor and the rod that actuates the manual unloader valve has broken. Can I disconnect the unloader valve and try to use it,or …

the relief valve on the head of my curtis e57 compressor blows when full pressure is reached 
the factory tells me the relief valve is set at 70lbs . it has never been tampered with

curtis d97 unloader problem 
I recently acquired a curtis d97 33a compressor. I cannot locate any information on it. It has an unloader problem. After reaching set pressure, motor …

Info on a curtis mod dk2a 
For a curtis mod dk2a. tank size is 480l: Finding out what the specifications (working pressure, flow rate, etc)and what accessories like pressure switches …

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