Craftsman pro compressor discharge seems to tail off

by patrick m
(st paul, mn)

my compressor runs fine, but discharge seems to tail off after a few seconds of operation of my grinder

Craftsman pro compressor. 2 hp 30 gal tank. Was working fine, but something recently changed.

Tank at 150psi. Die grinder runs fine for a few seconds and the slows greatly. Seems like I discharge the hose and then the regulator does not flow sufficient air. Tank pressure remains high. Whats wrong?

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Sep 20, 2014
Craftsman pro compressor discharge
by: Bill

Typically, Patrick, I would say that a 2 HP air compressor is undersized for a die grinder. But I don't know what size of die grinder you are using, nor do I know the specifications for it in terms of flow and pressure requirements.

If the die grinder worked before with this same air compressor, and the compressor problem you refer to is new, then you've hit the nail on the head with your query about the regulator.

If a regulator is failing, one of the symptoms is that the flow through it at the regulated pressure can slow to the point where you do use up the air in the hose and then it takes a while for the regulator to allow enough air through to recharge the hose to the set pressure.

If the above summarizes the situation, and this were my Craftsman Pro compressor, then I'd be changing out the old for a new air regulator.


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