Craftsman motor which capacitor is which?

by John
(Warner Robins, GA)

I have a craftsman 33 gal compressor (SEARS Model 919.167342) that started tripping circuit breaker.

When i remove the shroud, i can see that it starts to turn slowly, but then trips the breaker. I seldom use this tank and have had it over 10 years. I suspect it is a capacitor issue.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if its the start or run capacitor.

My capacitors are located inside the end cap of the motor. 1 has markings, but the other is silver with no markings. Which capacitor is the start and which is the run?

Also, where can i find a suitable sub? At $90 to $100 a piece for the OEM, i might be better off just buying a new compressor than blindly replacing both.

Thanks for any guidance.

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May 24, 2017
OK now
by: Doug in

Yeah, that's right. Often things get loose or corroded and just reassembling fixes it.

Fluke and probably some others have procs for testing caps with just a multi-meter - just google "test capacitor" and you should get a few for future use.

May 24, 2017
Started working after disassemble
by: John

It was spinning slowly, maybe 1 or 2 slow revolutions and the circuit would pop.

Sometimes taking things apart and putting it back together has helped in the past with other things, so... Took it apart, inspected the caps, checked the centrifical switch and the unloader valve.

Put everything back together and it seems to be running fine for now.

I did find markings on the back side of the cap and after reading your site, got some great education on caps and compressors.

One thing I could not find was an easy 1-2-3 guide on how to meter a cap to tell if its good or bad using a meter that does not have a capacitor setting.

I tried checking the OHMs, but I am just not savey enough with a meter to know what setting to turn the dials on. Thanks so much for the education! I'll report back if I have any additional problems.

May 24, 2017
by: Doug in

Well, the problem is likely the run capacitor if it's starting, as opposed to humming/buzzing.

Which is it doing, and is there a value on one of the caps? We may be able to make an educated guess as to which is which, and a value.

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