Craftsman model 921.166360, regulator and tank gauges top out at 40 PSI

by Ed V
(Goshen, KY)

Craftsman model 921.166360 air compressor

Craftsman model 921.166360 air compressor

My 5 year old Craftsman air compressor (921.166360) just one day decided not to build pressure beyond 40 Psi.

Troubleshooting guide is pretty much silent on "failure to build pressure."

Much suggestion to check Check Valve, Regulator, and Safety Valve for leaks, none of which appear to be leaking on my unit. Also suggests making sure head bolts are torqued to spec., but they fail to say what the torque should be. I've taken the head off and inspected the Head Gasket, Cylinder gaskets, Valve Plate, and Reeds, and none are torn, gouged, or creased. Only thing I didn't do is put a feeler gauge on the rings to check the gap with piston at the top of the stroke (assuming I can even check it within the cylinder). Plus, I don't know what that gap should be. I too am pretty mechanically inclined, but don't know much about compressors.

Oil has been changed yearly, even though I only use the compressor for blowing saw dust off things in my shop, or airing up tires. Oh yes, the Intake Air Filter is NOT FOULED, and has been changed within the last year. Visual inspection says it's fine.

Any thoughts on where I should proceed next would be greatly helpful and appreciated.

Maybe a Bosch, DeWalt, or Porter-Cable might be in order.

By the way, if I buy new (which I'd prefer not to do), I assume Oil is more durable and longer lasting than Oil Less, correct? Thanks for any Responses

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Sep 27, 2014
Troubleshooting Craftsman model 921.166360
by: Bill

You evidently didn't have the time to view the troubleshooting pages on this site, Ed. There's lots of info there as to why your Craftsman model 921.166360, or any compressor for that matter, will not build pressure.

I suspect a gasket failure at 40 PSI, based on what you've written. Since you've torn the pump down anyway, install a new gasket and valve plate kit anyway, just to absolutely remove them as the issue.

As to oil lubed or oil less, that's covered on the pages of this site as well.



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