Craftsman compressor tripping the breaker.

by Jarret

I have an older upright craftsman oilless 25 gallon compressor. Its been used a lot and has developed a problem.

When it starts with at partly filled tank it will spin slow and you can hear it struggling to get up to speed. It will then trip my breaker after about 3-5 seconds.

I have tested and everything spins freely with the power unhooked. So it's not binding up.

If I disconnect the supply line at the compressor head it will start and run fine. Hook it back up and it goes back to struggling and blowing my breaker.
It also works fine if it has sat for a while and the tank is low.
Tank empty or really low it will run right up to cut off no problems. Sometimes it will start and run one more time but after that it's all tripped breakers.

What do you think is the problem?

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May 30, 2018
Trips breaker
by: Doug in

Couple possibilities. Does it leak down when it stops? If yes, check the check valve, near the tank. If not, your pressure switch / unloader may not be working - right when it cuts off (normally, not breaker trip) can you hear air escaping, briefly? If not, probably the unloader is not working.

A model number might help, BTW.

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