Craftsman compressor blowing breaker

by Bert

My craftsmen air compressor will not reach cut in pressures before blowing breaker, I have added a 20 amp breaker to house, same result,

I install a new pressure switch with integral unloader valve, same result, it builds to approx. 105 psi then blows,

I can drain tank of air and kick in and it starts fine and builds again to 105 and blows the breaker,

I have checked the start cap and it tested OK,

I'm now installing another new pressure switch thinking that maybe I had got a defected one, I'm totally lost on this one, what could the problem be, help.

My compressor is a 2 horse model 1 horse motor, 2 stage pump

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Oct 14, 2015
Craftsman compressor blowing breaker
by: Bill

Does your motor have two capacitors, a start and a run?

If so, since you've checked the start cap, check the run cap too, as that's a likely problem.

I'm wondering about your comment that your compressor is 2 HP but the motor is 1 HP. Would that not suggest that your motor is under powered to run your compressor, and if so, that it might take until 105 PSI for the circuit load to build to the point where it blows the breaker?

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