Craftsman Air Compressors

In North America, Craftsman air compressors are the house brand for Sears stores, making the Craftsman air compressor line available through the Sears network of stores nation wide, as well as other select big-box type stores everywhere.

Chasing down spare parts or some help with the Craftsman air compressors is sometimes problematical. However, if you visit either, or , you may get the support you are looking for.

Sears brags... "At Sears, we service what we sell... just call 1-800-469-4663 or fill out our on-line Parts Inquiry form." If ordering parts, make sure that you have the model number and, if possible, the serial number of the compressor and the name and number of the part you wish to order.

Craftsman air compressors

Having said that, it's pretty clear some folks cannot find Craftsman help or spares. This page is a forum to help those Craftsman air compressor owners that cannot get help elsewhere.

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