Craftsman Air Compressors

In North America, Craftsman air compressors are the house brand for Sears stores, making the Craftsman air compressor line available through the Sears network of stores nation wide, as well as other select big-box type stores everywhere.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the Sears saga will unfold, and whether or not Sears will even be in the picture in years to come to either sell, or provide information on, their air compressors.

Chasing down spare parts or some help with the Craftsman air compressors may become problematical. For now, if you visit either,, or call call 1-800-469-4663 you may get the support you are looking for.

Craftsman air compressors

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Some folks cannot find Craftsman help or spares from the typical sources. I created this page to help those Craftsman air compressor owners that cannot get help elsewhere, and to provide a no-obligation place to download Craftsman / Sears air compressors that folks have been good enough to send me in digital form to share with you.

After you read the existing questions and answers, and maybe review the troubleshooting section (which offers solutions to many common air compressor problems) if you do not find your answer, then post a question using the form below.

To help others that might be having the same type of problem with their Craftsman Air Compressors as you may be having, please add your comments to any existing post using the comments link. If you have a digital format of a Craftsman / Sears air compressor to share, please contact me via the contact page, won't you?

We all thank you for sharing your Craftsman air compressor knowledge.

Craftsman air compressor manuals currently available for your download to your computer include: