vibration - now it walks across the floor

by Joe
(Crown Point, IN)

I just replaced the cylinders and fan on my 30 gallon twin cylinder compressor and now it walks across the floor. The vibration was less without the fan but still it moved more than before

Joe, you know the vibration is there because something is out of balance. If yours is belt driven, make sure the belt is properly tensioned and aligned.

Also check the rubber motor mounts to be sure all are in place, if they are standard on whatever model your air compressor is.

If all these good, then I suspect you've misaligned something when you reassembled it, Joe.

Anyone else?


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Apr 09, 2012
Only a little slop
by: Joe

The "slop" in the counter weight is minor and it does not move on the shaft once the end screw is torqued down. The fan is brand new molded plastic. Is there any way to check the balance of the weight or the fan?
Open for discussion, Joe. I don't have a method. Anyone else?

Apr 08, 2012
by: Joe

There was not much to mess up in putting it back together. It is a direct drive oiless and it has two counter weights that are on the shaft but they have a flat spot on them so they only go on one way. The one weight was a little worn and had a little "slop" as I put it on. Could this be enough to make it walk? Also was surprised that it was worse with the fan. It is also new.
While I can't say for certain as I can't see how much slop there is, if I understand slop to mean that the weight is moveable, then as the shaft turns, and if the counterweight isn't moving the same way, then that might cause it. The fan may be new, but what makes you think that it's balanced?

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Cycling problem with Sears Craftsman compessor

Back in 1997 my dad bought a Sears Craftsman 919.162080 electric 2 HP,8 gal air compressor. In 2005 he said it started to cycle on & off constantly as he was using it to pump up a car tire.

He replaced the pressure switch(AC-0353)and when that didn't work, replaced the regulator (AC-0007).

Neither stopped the problem.

Not being able to figure out what was wrong with it, he took the compressor to Sears for service. After waiting a couple of weeks for service, they sent it back saying it was not economical to repair. They never did say what was wrong.

Dad claims that the unit was suppose to have a check valve (CAC-1275), but it was not there when he examined it. I really don't know if it wasn't there originally or if the Sears techs forgot to put it back on when it was sent in to them.

Can you make any suggestions? It's 13 years old and looks like new. I'd hate to have to junk it.

Bill says...

Bill, my first thought that it was your pressure switch too.

If the compressor is cycling on and off, and the pressure switch is fine, then the only reason that I can think of for it cycling (you don't say how often, so I'm guessing fairly frequently) is that you have a major internal air leak somewhere bleeding air off quickly, and dropping the tank pressure back to down to cut in level, cycling the compressor back on.

What I think the technical people may mean is that the cost of the parts necessary along with the cost of labor (compared to the original cost of the compressor ) make it more expensive to fix than to replace.

I can't argue with that. Sorry.



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