Craftsman Air Compressor Parts

Craftsman air compressors are manufactured for the Sears Corporation and sold in their stores throughout North America. Some, but not all outlets, offer Craftsman Air Compressor Parts. Their on line outlets may offer air compressor parts.

But what about when the Craftsman air compressor parts you are looking for are for an older model, one that is no longer supported by their own parts supply chain?

That's why this page is here. If you have Craftsman air compressor parts for sale, or you need to source some, post your information here.

Include some method of contacting you in your post so that folks that are interested in the Craftsman compressor parts you have for sale can contact you. Or, if you leave a comment for an existing post, if the original poster is still following the thread, they will be notified of your question or information.

Let's help each other keeping our older Craftsman air compressors running by using the form below or commenting on an existing post found below the form..

Cheers, Bill.

Looking for Craftsman Compressor Parts

Having an issue with your Craftsman air compressor? Looking for Craftsman Compressor Parts? Here is where you post your request and hopefully others with Craftsman air compressor parts available, will post that information too.

Here are other visitor's requests for offering for Craftsman air compressor parts

Please see below.

919.165230 front schroud? 
looking for plastic front schroud Robie model#919.165230

919.165500 eccentric bearing assembly 
Find eccentric bearing assembly and piston kit for model # 919.165500?

CAC201 KNOB NEEDED (or one that will work) 
I NEED the REGULATOR KNOB for my 919176210 compressor. the part number is CAC-201. HELP!!!!!!!

Older Craftsman compressor parts supply? 
I have an older craftsman compressor that was passed to me by my father -in-law. I cannot find the model number anywhere. I have it running real well …

Help finding fan for model 919.154010 part #CAC-255 
Fan is plastic and has four blades.

Craftsman eccentric bearing assembly 
looking for air compressor eccentric bearing assembly part #z-ac-0107

Parts needed for a 919.154030 
I have a 3.5 horse power air compressor with model # 919.154030 i need connecting rod assembly part # cac 1118

cac-1317 or cac-1318 
front and rear shroud

Help finding lower cost 921.16474 capacitors 
Model 92116474: What replacement capacitors are readily available for the craftsman 27 gallon professional vertical compressor? The original capacitors …

Motor for Craftsman air compressor model 919.165500 
Looking for motor for Craftsman air compressor model 919.165500. please email with price and availability.

bolt holding the fan on Craftsman compressor 
The fan keeps coming off and knocking inside the bolt wont stay on...

Need front shroud for 919.165110 
Need front shroud pt. nu. cac1317 for air compresser model nu.919165110

looking for shrouds for a Craftsman model 919-16530 
looking for front and rear shroud for a Craftsman model 919-16530 I am in need of both the front and rear shroud for a Craftsman Air Compressor model …

Need 919.167300 parts please 
I need the following new or like new used. I can be contacted at CAC-1317 Shroud Front AC-0029 Shroud Front

Craftsman air compressor 919-152920 
I'm looking for manifold o'ring SSG-3100

air compressor model# 919-152920; pressure switch to  
I have a craftsman air compressor model# 919-152920; pressure switch is obsolete. where to get a replacement? I was told by someone from craftsman that …

1 h/p 12 gal craftsman portable air compressor...model #921.166400 
I am looking for a replacement motor assembly. None avaible at sears They tell me its no longer available. Is there something out …

looking for cac-4086 for 919.155730 
looking for Eccentric/flywheel bearing assy #cac-4086 for craftsman air compressor model #919.155730, 3.5 horsepower, 25 gallon tank

I need the connecting rod assembly part # CAC-1118 for craftsman air compressor 
I have a craftsman 3.5 hp compressor model 919155732. I need the connecting rod assembly. The part number on the part I have is CAC-1118. That is taken …

919.156781 Valve broke, need cylinder 
I had a reed valve break on my 2hp 20gal compressor from 1980. Part of the valve got stuck between the piston and the cylinder and scored the cylinder. …

919.162080 - Is there a kit I can buy 
Like many others, my 2HP/8 GAL compressor will not build pressure above 20PSI. That's really all I can tell you about it. Worked great for 15 +/- …

Sears Craftsman 6 HP - lack of parts for oilless air compressor 
I purchased a Sears Craftsman 6 HP portable oilless air compressor approximately 10 years ago. From the first day I have had problems. The connecting …

need to buy new connecting rod 
I had to machine .015" off the butts on my con rod, then re-machine the big bore, of con rod, this got things back in opperation, quickly, but I would …

Motor replacement on my sears craftsman air compressor 
Ok this is my second time asking about my sears craftsman air compressor model no.919.152932. A few months back I moved from California to Thailand …

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Craftsman 919.154330 need motor 
Craftsman compressor model 919.154330 motor needed. motor is GE 5KC48SR69S

Craftsman 4hp 25 gallon comperssor, model number 919152920 in need of replacement capicitors 
Hello I hope you can help me I have a craftsman air compressor and my capicitors are bad. I can not reed the numbers of the old ones. It has a general …

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