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My 921.164710 cutting off at 50psi even though I already replaced switch and adjusted it?

by Jon Mitchell

Craftsman 921.164710 Air Compressor
Craftsman 921.164710 Air Compressor

I have the 921.164710 and it was shutting off at 50psi.

I adjusted the cutout and it didn’t change anything.

I replaced the switch for $75 and it’s still cutting off at 50psi, even after adjusting the cut out again.

Please someone have some insight on this.



Cut out?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

What is cutting out?

Is it bogging down?

What happens if you run down the air pressure after it stops? Will it restart on its own in a predictable way (i.e., the same pressure?)


Clarifying condition
by: Mike P in Vegas

Is it possible that it’s a coincidence that the compressor is shutting-off — due to an air compressor thermal overload switch, over-heating condition — which coincides with the tank’s capacity to hold roughly 50 psi?

Try this: with the tank completely EMPTY of all air/pressure, run the compressor and see what pressure you hit when it cuts off. Time this as well, and try to assess the temperature of the compressor motor (without burning your hand of course).

Repeat this test using a partially-charged tank/reservoir.

See if your times (for auto cut-off) are the same, and/or if this confirms, it’s a 50psi rating consistency.


Same model, same problem (I think)
by: Kenny

I believe that I am having the same issue and that Mike is correct that it is just a coincidence that the unit is cutting out at 50 psi and that it is probably thermal overload.

Mine cuts out @ 50-60 psi and cylinder head, outlet tube, check valve, and relief tube are scorching hot yet motor housing below valve plate is not.

If I turn it off, unplug it, and let it cool for 10 minutes, it will start back up until it overheats again.

I’ve tested the wall outlet and capacitors, both are good.

I’ve replaced the pressure switch, the check valve (accidentally broke it), and valve plate/gaskets but still cutting out.

The piston and cylinder show no signs of damage that I can see.

Don’t know what else to check at this point, any suggestions?

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