Craftsman 921.153101 shooting sparks

by Duane
(Ithaca, michigan)

Craftsman 921.153101 shooting sparks between fan and motor then blows breaker

I took the shroud off of the compressor to see where the spark is coming from and it looks like some sort of kill switch located between the fan and the motor.

Could it be brushes going bad that makes the motor feel like it's not spinning freely or is it the motor itself that might be shot.

Any comments would be appreciated before I take it in and the bill just to look at it is more than the compressor itself, which may be a lost cause because the motor , if that's it , may cost more to replace than the compressor.

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Aug 03, 2016
easy fix
by: Anonymous

Took to a electic motor repair shop and they adjusted something with the shaft and about $30.00 and a couple of days , was running great. That switch thing on the shaft was barely off was all it was.

Aug 03, 2016
by: Doug in

From your description, I suspect the thing with "points" is the centrifugal switch which typically disconnects the start cap after the motor gets started.

If that's not opening, it might be the cause of your breaker tripping.

A photo or three might be helpful. You'd need to start a new post and ref this post to put up pix.

Maybe the op will get this update and tell us what he did.

Aug 03, 2016
Same problem, mine randomly trips breaker as well
by: Anonymous

What did you find out with this problem?
Also, does anyone know what the contraption is surrounding the motor shaft between fan blades and motor housing? It appears to be some kind of spring loaded governor and also looks like a set on points on an old chevy 350 small block. :-)

Craftsman 3 gallon mini compressor
less than 90 minutes of run time on this compressor.
Doesn't even have dust on it. only use it to spray out old computers a once a year. motor turns freely, and attached pump, oil still new and at level. Can't figure it out. Both caps within tolerance on high end Fluke 87. Motor windings not shorted or open. This has me flustered. If someone can sketch a schematic of how it's wired I'd send you good karma. :-)

Dec 23, 2015
by: Doug in

Sure sounds like brushes. It's possible they can be repaired if they just have dirt in them.

Unfortunately that's not a repair part, as far as I can tell.

I'd try to find a sub though, anyway, especially if there's a decent motor shop near you.

Good luck.

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