Craftsman 919-152251 - Question on a ABP-446 Pump

by Neil Cunningham
(Hickory NC)

I have a new to me Craftsman 919-152251 Air Compressor.

The pump is leaking between the head and the air outlet.

I have ordered the gasket and just wondered if i need to use any sealant on it or just put it on and snug it down?

Does anybody have any info on this pump; torque settings?

Also does anyone know the high pressure this pump can do? I was under the impression that 2 stage pumps would be in the 175 PSI and this unit is not set that high?

Just curious?

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May 04, 2018
by: Doug in

May 3 poster: 175 psi

May 2 poster: same or similar to the head gasket, if you can tell what it is. See ICS post below.

May 03, 2018
What pressure from pump?
by: Anonymous

So what pressure will this pump produce?

May 02, 2018
Have to make a gasket
by: Anonymous

I am going to have to make a gasket. What should I use I have several different gasket material here ...
Also should I use sealant on it..

May 01, 2018
919.175251 with ABP-446 Pump torque spec
by: Doug in

Couldn't find a spec for the 446, but the replacement 4900 pump is virtually identical.

All the bolts into or through that head are 18.1 ft/lb, so I'd go with that for your part.

Good luck.

May 01, 2018
The pump is ABP446
by: Anonymous

The pump is ABP 446 the compressor is 91.175251

Apr 30, 2018
ABP-446 gaskets
by: ICS

Depends on the material the gaskets are made of. If they are graphite gaskets, no sealer should be needed. If it is paper, and all surfaces are clean and smooth, no sealer will be needed, however, I always like to use a thin coat of sealer on any paper type gaskets as the next time you remove them it will be a lot easier.

Apr 28, 2018
by: Doug in

Pressure is limited by the motor, probably.

But I'm not finding 919.152251 - confirm model?

And there's probably a torque spec for the head.

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