Craftsman 919.165200 will not
       restart with air in the tank?

While this page - craftsman-919.165200-will-not-restart-with-air-in-the-tank.html - responds to a specific question about a specific air compressor, the issue it addresses is common to many compressors, and as such, is worthwhile reading.

The question: Have had this compressor that I bought for a few years. When I turn the compressor on it turns slow for maybe a second or two, then blows the breaker.

If I unplug it and pull the ring on the safety vale,and let it drains the air,and it will stop but there will be about 40 more pounds in it so I hold the ring on the safety valve till the tank is empty, then plug it back in and turn the switch on it starts up and runs fine and fills all the way to cut off. But if I use it and the compressor goes to kick in it blows the breaker. . Do you this maybe a pressure switch? Where can I get parts for this? Thanks

My response:

It is not necessarily the pressure switch, Gary, but the unloader valve is suspect here, I think.

Drain the tank (you should do so daily anyway) using the tank drain too, and then start it up. Monitor the unloader valve to make sure it works. If it doesn't, that's your problem. If it does, post a comment here telling me what you found. See the unloader valve page linked from the site map for more info on that item if you need it.

Comment from Gary:

I read about the unloader valve,and watched it and it works, but still blew the breaker.

So I took the cover off the pressure switch which the unloader valve is located,and I lightly sanded the contacts in the pressure switch with some fine emery paper, tried it again and it worked.

Went through 10 cycles and all worked as its supposed to. I'm assuming this was my problem, if not Ill be back. Good site, the info on the unloader was good. Funny thing is sears dont even list the unloader valve for a craftsman 919.165200. Thanks for your help.

My response:

Gary, thank you for the update. That's a good tip about sanding the points. B.