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Craftsman 919.165140 compressor making a bad sound ?

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by Todd
(anderson indiana)

I have a craftsman air compressor model number 919-165140.

Recently it started making a bad sound so I shut it off and took it apart.

I found out that the cylinder was damaged and the cylinder wall was scratched. I ordered new part and replaced it.

After putting it back together I plugged it in and turned it on and now it runs for about a minute and shuts off.

If I unplug it after about a minute I here a clicking sound and I can turn it back on but it repeats the process. Any ideas?
A couple of quick checks, Todd.

The first is to pull the switch cover, empty the tank, and start the compressor. Assuming that it does not run up to cut out pressure and stop normally, watch the switch internals (live power warning – be careful) and see if it is the switch that trips off when the motor stops before it is supposed to. If so, then I suspect the pressure switch may be the problem.

If the pressure switch stays on, power is flowing to the motor but the switch does not trip off, then my next thought would be to check the capacitors.

Why not look at these two first, then comment here with results, if you would.

By Bill Wade

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