craftsman 5.5hp no pressure in tank

by Chris
(Edmonton Alberta Canada )

Hey so I have a craftsmen 5.5hp 26 gallon yesterday while using my compressor I heard a short blast of air the it wouldn't build pressure

I drained it fired it up and nothing no pressure at all

I pulled the line from the head to the check valve turned it on and it's pumping a fare bit of air from the head and hard to stop pumping air with 1 finger

I pulled the check valve and I can blow and suck air thru the check valve so I figure that's the case so I put a brand new check valve in and still no pressure

I pulled the new valve and connected the air lines But did not install the check valve to the tank no air is passing thru the check valve and it is brand new so I bought a second check valve did the same connected the air supply tube from the pump and connected the line from the check valve to pressure switch fired it up and very little air is coming thru the check valve

that's where I don't know what the issue is

I need this compressor to run it's costing me hours of lost time on customer cars

any suggestions would help

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Jul 15, 2016
a model number would help, too.
by: Doug in

But in general, sounds like you have one or more bad valves.

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