craftsman 1hp 4 gallon oil filled compressor - about 80 p.s.i. and stops

by Scott

I have a twin-tank craftsman compressor that wont stop running. It get to about 80 p.s.i. and stops but the motor keeps running. I replaced the pressure control switch and that didn't help. Anyone wanna take a crack at this one? Thanks for any help, Scott

Scott, what is the normal cut out pressure of this compressor... 120 PSI or so? When you say it gets to 80 PSI and stops, what stops? If the motor stays running, are you saying that the pressure doesn't go past 80 PSI but the pump and motor stay running?

That being the case, see the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page, follow the links to compressor runs but won't build pressure for some things you can check.



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