Craftsman 106.152581 has a ferocious knock around 40 psi

by Chris
(Wichita, KS)

Craftsman 106.152581 with a Campbell Hausfeld VT-2200 Pump.

I've rebuilt the old Campbell Hausfeld VT-2200 pump; new rings, gaskets, new head, honed cylinders. The wrist pins and connecting rods felt good, no play. I broke in the rings for an hour with no load.

It now has a ferocious knock that begins around 40 psi. I've checked the head/piston clearance and it's fine. I checked the crankshaft and there feels to be quite a bit of end play... maybe a 32nd of an inch. I saw a video of a guy rebuilding a Quincy pump and he shimmed the bearing cap so there was no end play.

Does anyone have any idea if there is supposed to be that much crankshaft end play on an older Campbell Hausfeld VT-2200? How would I adjust and/or shim the crankshaft end play? Should I torque down the bearing cap more? It's already at 110 inch lbs.

I've looked online and can't find any information on adjusting air compressor pump end play or any crankshaft shims. Can I make my own shims and where would I put them? The crankshaft is held by 2 fixed and non-adjustable brass sleeve bearings.

Any information will be appreciated!

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Oct 02, 2016
VT Compressor Pump Bottom End Knock
by: Chris C.

Just to make sure and in case you didn't make any progress - Have you made sure the crankshaft needle bearing isn't gone? I've got that problem on an old compressor I acquired for parts.

Turns out the end needle bearing had grenaded and destroyed the crankshaft journal...

Needless to say at machine shop rates these days it's just not repairable (you need a lathe then install a hardened metal sleeve and polish it back to original specs of .75" diameter)

Jun 21, 2016
by: Doug in

Sometimes a loose belt can cause this...

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