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by Daniel Gomez

Model # 106.153784 sears compressor oil driven will power on for about a minute pressure only reaches 30psi compressor rated at 150psi.

After a minute I hear a loud squeaking sound coming from the flywheel/pump area then it just stops while squeaking.


Daniel… check the belt tension and alignment first please. That may not be the problem, but lets eliminate that as the source.

What I surmise from your post is that as the pressure in the tank builds, the pump has to work harder to get air into the tank. As a result, the motor has to work harder too.

If the pump bogs down to the point where the motor cannot cycle it, the motor will overheat and go off on safety.

With the tank empty, remove, inspect / clean the tank check valve. Again, this may not be the cause of the issue, but lets get it out of the way.

Assuming that it is not the motor that is squeaking, that suggesting that the motor itself is the problem, I am guessing that you may have a valve problem in the pump, that’s back-loading the pump and overloading the motor.

If you run the compressor with the line from the pump head off, I suspect it will run with no issues, right?

After you put the line back on, pull the pump intake filter and feel if air is being pulled in strongly as the compressor runs.

If so, that would suggest that the issue is the high pressure valve, and that means a pump tear down and valve replacement.


It was the belt tension
by: Daniel

It ended being the belt tension. I unbolted the motor and slid it as far to the side as possible, making the belt tighter.

Thanks for taking the time to help me. God bless.
You are welcome.