CPLKC7080V2-1 blows out the "outlet tube"

by Ramon DeRosa
(Yarmouth, Maine, US)

CPLKC7080V2-1 compressor

CPLKC7080V2-1 compressor

CPLKC7080V2-1 doesn't shut off at 100 but blows out the "outlet tube"

We replaced the pressure switch, however did not solve the problem. Air spits out of some pressure release valve along the outlet tube. Pressure will not build beyond 100 lbs but keeps running.

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Jan 27, 2016
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Just to be clear, the tube you refer to is NOT the intercooler tube on the sheave side of the pump, correct?

So, given your symptoms, it seems the check valve may be stuck closed.

Jan 27, 2016
CPLKC7080V2-1 won't shut off
by: Bill

Ramon, what is the normal cut out pressure of this compressor?

If the cut out is higher than the 100 PSI you are getting, as I suspect, then the reason that it won't shut off is that the tank pressure never reaches the cut out setting.

While I am puzzled as to why air spits out the PRV (unless it is failing) this puzzles me further: "along the outlet tube."

What do you mean air spits out along the outlet tube. What tube do you refer to? Is the unloader tube from the pump to the pressure switch, and if so, where is the air coming out?

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