CPF23400P-2 has watery black discharge

by Carey
(Zionsville Indiana)

My Porter Cable Model CPF23400P-2 4.0 Gallon 135PSI compressor

My compressor starts to blow a watery black discharge out of the line after it has run for a while.

I have drained the tank 10 times, even leaving the compressor to run for a minute while the drain hole is open, but the problem always comes back.

The discharge is not good inside of my compressed air tools.

Is there a solution to this problem?

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Sep 13, 2015
Discharge from CPF23400P-2
by: Bill

This is an oil free air compressor, meaning that you, as the owner, need not add oil.

That doesn't mean there is no lubrication in the pump, some of which may be ending up in the tank.

You don't indicate what the environment is in which you use the compressor. If there is any way that the compressor is ingesting black dust? If so then that dust will eventually make it's way into the tank?

If it's hot and humid, where you are using the compressor you'll get increased amounts of water in the tank.

Hard to be certain but I would surmise that you have used this air compressor a lot, that it probably has become quite warm from time to time due to extended duty time.

I suspect that the pump piston seals might be a problem.

You can get repair kits for it. You'll need to weight the cost of repair kits and the labor to install against the cost of a new, relatively inexpensive, air compressor.

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