C.P. Compressor Low Pressure Issue

by Alex
(New Salisbury In.)

My 2.5ho 25 gallon C.P. Compressor is about 3 years old with low use. A few days ago I started it for some spring cleaning on my mowers. It ran fine, oil level was fine it just would not build up pressure. It simply shot a steady stream of air out of the hose.

I turned it on and off several times and tapped the solid metal with a hammer and it developed some partial pressure, about 20 PSI max.

I was planning on a tear down and rebuild but if someone knows what the specific issue is it's probably a better idea to try that.

Thanks, Alex

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Apr 09, 2018
C.P. Compressor Low Pressure Issue Problem Solved
by: Anonymous

Problem Solved!

On a tear down the cause was clearly visible. One of the reed valves had gotten out of place and broke. I had some stainless steel structure frame from an old microwave...

(Thank you very much for the update. I've moved part of your post to the following page as it helps the many that see that page about building their own valve plates: https://www.about-air-compressors.com/make-your-own-compressor-reed-valve.html - Moderator)

Still not happy with the workmanship I found in this Chinese built CP compressor. I imagine they put the reed on crooked, also there were some divits and deep scratches in the metal planes, looked like a lot of throwing of pieces around. I think it's possible they even forgot the gasket---maybe that's just the design.?

Apr 04, 2018
It simply shot a steady stream of air out of the hose.
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Well, if air is constantly leaving the hose, the compressor can't get much pressure.

Is your regulator perhaps broken? If you have a quick disconnect, and you remove it, do you get some pressure then? Do/did you have a tool on the hose?


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