Correct Oil Level on a 3Z419?

by Manuel R
(Granite Bay, CA USA)

3Z419 oil plug

3Z419 oil plug

I purchase a couple of years ago a vintage Speedaire mod. 3Z419 the pump is a 2Z499 according to the mod. sticker on it.

Works well, I do not use it that much mainly to inflate my vehicles tires. I'm about to use my pneumatic staple gun and thought it would not hurt to replace the oil, I have never change it since I acquire it. I occasional check the level.
which bring me to the question.

Where should the level be reference too?

If I remove the oil plug at the top.(the old owner had it completely full) one where the oil is to be poured there is oil there.

There is a drain oil plug at the side, my motorcycles experience tell me that, that is were the oil should be and no more that to the bottom of that drain oil plug.

But then I also think it might not be that much oil to properly work?

Where should it be?

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Dec 09, 2016
by: Doug in

If the fill hole were at at an angle, I'd say right to where it would spill out - in this case, right to the bottom of the fill hole or maybe a bit higher - I don't think you could overfill it unless it were not level.

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