Converting compressor motor voltage

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Convert 110/220 110 wire to make 220?

by Wendell Cornelius

I just bought a 30 gal Kobalt from Lowes that came wired for 110 with a 110 cord installed.

I want to connect 220 to it, It has the capability to do this.

X110220 110 Wire To Make 220 21613077.pagespeed.ic.euk6zm4bwj
X110220 110 Wire To Make 220 21613077.pagespeed.ic.euk6zm4bwj

What 220 wires do I connect to the compresses motor. It has a diagram but don’t understand. Explain it to me like I am a 4 year old?


Picture Magic
by: Buster

This where a picture is worth a thousand words.

The wiring diagram should be on the label that explains the motor connections for 110/220 operation, then the power connection, either plug or hardwired connections would need to be connected properly.

What is needed here is the wiring diagram on the motor as there are different connections for different manufacturers.

I know this is not much help, but all that can be done now. Safety first.



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While, I am not the original poster, I am also having a slight issue understanding the diagram on my 30 gal kobalt air compressor. There appears to be 2 white wires, but only one is mentioned in the wiring for the 220. One is coming from the switch and ultimately, the plug (this one has a black and green wire included with it. The other white wire is coming from the inside of the motor. So my question is: which white wire is the diagram referring to that goes in slot 5 along with the orange wire? The wiring was… Read more »

Forget the cord for a moment. Connect the wires in the motor according to the diagram. Now you need to determine which wires have the 220* – and attach those to the pressure switch. Attach the wires from the pressure switch to terminals 1 and 6, marked “line”, which happens to be the same ones as for 120v. * the color doesn’t matter, you need to find the two that have 220 across them. This varies depending on the the socket type and plug wiring. The cord usually has a green wire which should be earth ground (as opposed to… Read more »