110/220 110 wire to make 220

by Wendell Cornelius

I just bought a 30 gal Kabalt from Lowes that came wired for 110 with a 110 cord installed. I want to connect 220 to it,It has the capabilty to do this. what 220 wires do I conect to the compresser moter. It has a digram but don't understand. Explain it to me like I am a 4 year old?

Wndell, I can't do that. I am not an electrician, nor can I see the schematic. I would suggest though, that since 220 volts can kill you quicker than a train, if you aren't 100% sure of what you are doing, you get an electrician to help. Anyone else have any advice for Wendell.



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Feb 07, 2012
Picture Magic
by: Buster

This where a picture is worth a thousand words. The wiring diagram should be on the label that explains the motor connections for 110/220 operation, then the power connection, either plug or hardwire connections would need to be connected properly. What is needed here is the wiring diagram on the motor as there are different connections for different manufacturers. I know this is not much help, but all that can be done now. Safety first.

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changing from 220v to 110

(Draper Utah)

I have a Dayton speedaire 3 hp compressor. It runs off of a 220 power lne. Can it be converted to a 110? The only indentification numbers that I can find on it are the following: LR22132
MTR Ref r607123A

Kent, if it's a dual voltage motor, then, you can convert. I can't tell you from the info you provided. Is there, perhaps, a circuit diagram under the motor plate?

I checked Grainger' site and the numbers provided aren't found. Maybe talk to them, as Speedaire is their brand. Else, take it to a rebuild shop for assessment.



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Rewire a 230 volt motor to 120 volt

by brent morgan
(auburn wash.)

i bought and replaced motor and when i tapped it knocked out the 230 side so i put it to 115v.it blows fuses works to hard etc.i need to put it back to 230v but dont know how to fix. i was a automech. for 25 yrs not a electrion know about 12v but not the others. can u help me ,please

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Compressor won't start - heard a spark...that was it!

I tried to plug it in when the on switch was turned. I heard a spark and that was it. No nothing. It's a 26 gal. Kobalt.

Thanks for writing in.

It's pretty hard to diagnose the problem with the info provided.

The spark you "heard", was it from the pressure switch?

Did your breaker pop or fuse blow for the circuit?

It would certainly seem from the info provided that it's an electrical problem, yet you need to provide quite a bit more information to help try to figure out what's what.



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Nov 17, 2009
Weak wiring
by: MEP1

Your problem could also be a weak wiring issue. You may have a bad connection, a failing outlet, too long an extension cord, really any number of things could cause the same symptoms. The easiest way to tell if it's the wiring is to plug in an incandescent bulb as close to the compressor as you can, on the same circuit and extension cord if possible. If it dims way out when it's trying to start with pressure, or if it dims a lot before it shuts down at full pressure, it's an electrical supply problem.

If you hear the 'whoosh' of air when it builds pressure and shuts down normally, the unloader is working properly.

Now that's an excellent tip! Use a trouble lamp in the same circuit to get a visual on how much power is being drawn as the compressor starts.

Most excellent! Thanks,


Nov 12, 2009
My compressor wont pump air in when it reaches 80-90 psi
by: yang

Hi I have a campbell hausfeld 125 psi max .
5hp, 26gallon.

Here's whats going on. please help.

1. my air compressor can pump air in but when it get full at 120 psi it shuts off, it did blow my fuse in the garage that was 20amp a couple of times so I changed it to a 30amp fuse, now it dont blow no more.

2. when I use the air and psi goes to 80psi or 90psi the motor kicks and try to pump air in the compressor but its struggles and seems to over heat or somethings and shut off with I belive with a clicking sound and then after a couple of seconds or a min it clicks again thinking there is a breaker built in or when it cools down, it try's to pump again but it struggles and then shuts off again.

3. If I want to pump air in the tank at 120psi again, I would have to repeat to let go air and let it get to about 15psi and it will continue to pump air again in it.

I dont know much about air compressor, but I was thinking it maybe the switch or something in the motor compressing air. please help thanks

Bill say...

Thanks for your questions. I'd move this one to a different area in the website, but if I didn't you might no be able to find the answers, so I've left it here.

If the normal cut out pressure of your compressor is 120 PSI, and when the pressure reaches that level, the breaker pops, I suspect that your pressure switch may be at fault.

I'm not sure that changing the breaker to 30 amp was a good idea. It wasn't the breaker at fault, it was something on your compressor.

I also think it's the pressure switch / unloader valve combination that's part of your problem. Your compressor struggles to start because it's fighting to turn over against the pressure trapped over the piston in the compressor head. The unloader valve is designed to dump that pressure when the compressor reaches cut out pressure, but if the pressure switch isn't working properly, the unloader valve possibly isn't either.

Change your pressure switch. See if that solves all your problems (with your compressor, that is).



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