Convert an HVAC Kargard for shop usage.

by Hans

Would like to convert a Kargard NAT.BD.NO.793792 C.R.N.B-2476.65 for shop usage.

It was used to control the heat and air in a school for about 1 year when the schools systems were updated.

The compressor was built in 1976 with about a 30 gallon tank, it has a 1.5hp 3 phase Baldor motor on it. I would like to change the motor to a higher HP 220 motor and get a lot of SCFM for the shop.

The pump is 210 5 935834-P size 2 1/2 x 2. I tried to up load pics but they are to large.

Please advise with recommendations.

Other placard info,

HEADS .094
SHELL .100

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Jun 01, 2016
Kargard compressor
by: Bill

Hans, the absence of an image may may it hard for folks to help. I know you tried to send images first time around, but they were too large.

That happens a lot with folks taking photos with their phones, set on high resolution. If you can change the settings on your phone to take less quality images, that will reduce the size.

If you can, start a new thread in this forum, add your images, and I'll add them to this thread.

You might want to read the pages on this site about CFM as there is some help there in estimating compressor output based on the HP of the compressor motor.

Jun 01, 2016
More info; The Johnson System
by: Hans

The Johnson System
Air Conditioning Control
Is the manufacturer of the system.

The pump placard has no manufacturers info but I have tried to ask Quincy tech if it is one of theirs and haven't gotten a response.

Model 210 5
Size 2 1/2 x 2

Will this pump develop enough SCFM for the shop?
That is the real question.
I hope this sparks some input.
Thank you!

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