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PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS CONTACT PAGE to ask questions About Compressors! Sending me a personal message about your compressor problem will NOT get a response.

I will not answer technical questions through this contact page. Please use the ASK, TROUBLESHOOTING or FORUM pages for compressor related issues. Emails sent via this contact page that relate to the operation or non-operation of air compressors, types of, or sourcing compressed air equipment or parts are automatically deleted.

No, I Do Not Sell Equipment.

I provide information on this website. I do not sell compressors or compressed air accessories. My advertisers certainly do, however.

I DO SELL my super-duper eBook The Home Compressor , and equally amazing eBook Understanding Compressed Air Regulators on this website.

By contacting me, you acknowledge and agree that the content of your message and my response, if any, may be used in part or in full in a posting on this website for benefit of all visitors.



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