comressor drain valve on air brush compressor

by Yotam

air brush compressor

air brush compressor

i have a cheap compressor ive got from ebay. i use it for airbrushing models. like the on on the picture. the thing is i cant figure out where the drain valve is. it started to spray water and i cant fix it. i tried to find the answere on interent but with no luck. your site has a huge library of compressors but i couldnt find the one like mine. do you have any advice? thank you very much in advance!

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Mar 28, 2017
water, water...
by: Doug in

Yes, there is some "storage" in the space above the piston(s), the tube from the head, and the bowl on the water filter/separator. There could be a bit of water on the piston, which is what you're seeing.

I'd suggest you just open it up on the outlet somehow (perhaps just remove the bowl), and let it run until little or no water comes out. But only a few minutes at a time - don't want to exceed the duty cycle rating.

If it "never" stops, then there's just high humidity, and you can look at the pages regarding that for possible solutions.

Mar 26, 2017
Still worried about compressor water
by: Anonymous

First of all thank you very much for your is indeed a demand compressor i have. I suspected that i still have some kind of volume for the air inside for two reasons: first of all when i turn the compressor on it starts to build up the preassure untill it reaches certain point and then it halts. So the air does have some place to be stored, even though its not a separate tank? My not educated guess. Second reason is that when i emptied the water trap it still kept pouring water. So it has some other place for moisture to build up? Actually the day after that when the compressor was cool it worked fine. The reason i wory is that there is some place inside where the condensate builds up and if i dont drain it after each use it will get stuffed with the rust and stop working. Hope my Sherlock guesses are just a mambo jambo! thanks again!

Mar 26, 2017
auto drain
by: Doug in

If yours actually looks like the pic, then what's supposed to happen is you turn off the power, and relieve all pressure using the gun or whatever.

Then that little plug on the bottom is supposed to pop up (it's spring loaded). With that, any water in the bowl is supposed to drain out.

If it doesn't open, you just push on the bottom of the plug and make it pop open.

If you need to do that repeatedly, try cleaning it. You will have to remove the bowl to do that.

Mar 25, 2017
Draining an air brush compressor
by: Bill

If the compressor in the image you uploaded is yours, then I don't think yours has a tank drain valve, as it has no tank.

It is a demand air compressor.

If you have a lot of water spraying out the air line then 1) it is very humid where you are and 2) the filter bowl on the filter / regulator attached to the front of it is 1) full of water 2) the element is plugged

Make sure you turn off the compressor and trigger the air gun to empty the line before removing the water trap.

See "Filters" on this site for more info about these devices if you wish, Yotam.

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