I tried to plug it in when the on switch was turned. I heard a spark and that was it. No nothing. It’s a 26 gal. Kobalt.

Thanks for writing in. A model number for the Kobalt would sure help, as would a picture or two.

It’s pretty hard to diagnose the problem with the info provided.

The spark you “heard”, was it from the pressure switch, the motor, what exactly?

Did your breaker pop or fuse blow for the circuit when the spark occurred?

It would certainly seem from the info provided that it’s an electrical problem, yet you need to provide quite a bit more information to help try to figure out what’s what.


Weak wiring
by: MEP1

Your problem could also be a weak wiring issue.

You may have a bad connection, a failing outlet, too long an extension cord, really any number of things could cause the same symptoms.

The easiest way to tell if it’s the wiring is to plug in an incandescent bulb as close to the compressor as you can, on the same circuit and extension cord if possible.

If it dims way out when it’s trying to start with pressure, or if it dims a lot before it shuts down at full pressure, it’s an electrical supply problem.

If you hear the ‘whoosh’ of air when it builds pressure and shuts down normally, the unloader is working properly.

Now that’s an excellent tip!


Use a trouble lamp in the same circuit to get a visual on how much power is being drawn as the compressor starts.

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