Compressor won't shut off, switch in off position

60 gallon kobalt. The wiring looks good, the assembly looks good, everything looks fine as far physical components and connections are concerned. But the compressor will turn on even if the switch is in the off position and won't turn off if you click it to the off position. Any ideas?

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Jan 31, 2015
Kobalt won't shut off
by: Bill

Well, if you flip the ON/OFF switch to off, and the compressor keeps running, then I would surmise that that switch itself is fused closed, meaning that even in the off position, power is flowing through it.

If you compressor has a pressure switch and a plug to the wall connector, then the switch is, in my opinion, redundant.

If the tank is full to the cut out pressure setting, the pressure switch will turn off the motor.

If you have no leaks, then the compressor will not start again until the tank pressure drops to cut in even if the ON/OFF switch is ON.

If you do have leaks in the compressor system, then pull the plug.

You can remove the ON/OFF switch from most air compressors electrical circuit by accessing the typically two wires that connect to the ON / OFF switch, remove them from the terminals on the switch, and use an electrical connector to join them together. Power will then flow through them all the time, and it will be the pressure switch or the compressor plug that will ultimately control the ON/OFF of the compressor.

Just make sure that if you join the wires that they are connected with an insulated connector so that the wires cannot inadvertently touch and ground inside the compressor when, or even if not, the compressor is running.


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