Compressor won't repressurize at requested setting

by Adam
(Winston Salem, NC)

Won't repressurize at requested amount, gets too low before refilling.

So I'm trying to drive three inch nails into new wood. The nails aren't getting as deep as I want (they are sticking out .25" - .5") on a Paslode nailer.

The compressor does a fine job at 100-110 psi, but the nails stop sinking all the way in when the pressure dips below 100. I have the requested pressure dial set to 100 PSI, but the compressor won't kick on until 85 psi. I need it to kick on sooner.

The unit only ever fills to 115 psi, even though it is supposed to be a 125 psi compressor. It's about a 9 gallon unit.

Thanks for any help.

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Mar 31, 2015
pressure switch
by: Doug in

Note that it's entirely possible the switch on it is adjustable - pop the cover (however it's secured, often with just one screw) and see if you have adjustment screws - usually there's a label in the cover describing the layout and purpose of the adjustments.

Be sure the cut-out doesn't go above 125, while (if you're lucky) you can independently set the cut-in to 100.

Mar 31, 2015
Under pressure on compressor
by: Bill

Adam, yes, you can adjust some pressure switches so that the compressor cuts in at a higher pressure than it's supposed to, yet that will contribute to sooner rather than later maintenance issues. See the pages on the pressure switches on this site about them and how to adjust them.

That your air compressor cuts out at 115 PSI instead of that model's normal cut out of 125 PSI means that it never worked properly, someone has changed the pressure switch settings, or that the compressor pressure switch was replaced with one that has incorrect settings for that model.

Since you do not indicate the model number of your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor no one can check to confirm what the correct settings are.

If you are certain that the cut out is supposed to be 125 PSI for that model, and you want to run the risk of damaging the compressor by cycling it too often, then acquire an adjustable pressure switch that has the same mounting, voltage and pressure ranges of the specified one, leave the cut out at 125 PSI and turn the cut in up to 100 PSI.


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