Compressor wont reach shut off

by darryl gransberry
(everett washington)

compressor wont reach shut off and stays running safety valve leaking air.

Safety valve leaking compressor wont shut off.

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Feb 17, 2017
Rigor Duke
by: Bill

I'm having a problem determining if this is an air compressor or not, Darryl.

The only info I can find is: Duke 217850 COMPRESSOR,.4HP 120V 60HZ

Is this yours?

If the issue is not just that the PRV leaks, but that the compressor will not build pressure correctly, perhaps the info on this page will help:

Feb 16, 2017
Compressor won't build pressure
by: Anonymouslarry

Rigor duke tank only builds to 80 psi and its 125psi max.

May 10, 2016
Compressor won't shut off
by: Bill

Darryl, you don't say what make or model of compressor so I cannot check.

However, most PRV's (safety valves) have a small cylinder sticking out the end with a ring in it. Did you try to just push in on that cylinder and see if that shuts off the air leak?

PRV's (see the video about PRV's on this site) mostly work on friction, and it's possible that pushing it back in will solve the problem.

If not, add a comment here and make sure to include the make and model of air compressor, K?

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